Three Best Types of Video to Build Your Brand Online

Three Best Types of Video to Build Your Brand Online

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed’s Chief Revenue Officer, Lee Brown AdWeek asked “What types of videos work best for branded content?” His answers are both insightful and actionable. Why should we listen to Buzzfeed? Because they generated over $100 million dollars last year in revenue. So here goes. Here is what he says works.

1.) Identity. The video connects with the viewer and says “This is so me.” Have you ever seen a post that you identified with? Then that’s a video built to connect with you because it makes you feel like someone understands.

2.) The Emotional Gift.  This is a video Lee Brown says makes you laugh out loud and want to share with your friends and family.

3.) Informational. These are research-driven or how-to videos that give the user information they can use. These videos get attention. They can also help you build your brand by helping your target customers learn something that makes their life better.

There you have it. Thinking about producing a video for online attention? Craft it to meet one of these categories and it should deliver.

Increase Your Online Response by 62%

Increase Your Online Response by 62%

Research shows that websites with videos enjoy a 62% increase in response rates. Now the question is how to make an effective video.

1.) Create a script that grabs attention and keeps it. This starts by keeping the viewer in mind. Make the video benefit-oriented.

2.) Give your video social impact by making it social worthy. Spend the time to craft a video worth sharing.

3.) Keep it short. You will need about 160 words for every minute of video. Also don’t hold on a photo or shot longer than 5 seconds. You will bore the viewer.

Let us know if DX Media Direct can help you create a video to use on your site, in TV ads or for corporate training. We can script, shoot and fully produce everything you need.