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With our pre-negotiated rates and volume discounts you save 35% -90% off what local advertisers pay.


Radio reaches 92% of adults 18 + every week. (Nielsen Total Audience)


Radio is America’s #1 Reach Medium. It’s targetable, flexible and efficient.

Radio Advertising Costs and Demographic Information

Radio advertising rates vary by audience size, daypart and time of year. For the best discounted radio advertising rates, consider working with a Direct Response Advertiser. General Market Advertisers and Branding Advertisers tend to payer higher rates because they are not as flexible when it comes to daypart and time of year. However, local radio advertising, like many other forms of advertising, is based on supply and demand. In fact, rates can fluctuate by week depending on the time of year.

Below you will find local radio audience demographics—a breakdown by city, state, and type of programming each station offers.

Sample DX Media Radio Rates:

  • 1 million weekly listeners: 140 Country Music Stations – $250 per spot ($1.78 per local spot).
  • 200 National News stations: $450 per spot ($2.25 per local spot).
  • Host Endorsement 118 stations: $400 per spot ($3.39 per local spot). Listen to host endorsement samples.
  • Top 10 Major Market talk station: Over 1.5 million weekly audience impressions – $3,500 a week.

(Please note: Our proprietary radio ad rates for a specific station are available only by calling 940-320-7777 or by completing the Rate Request form.)

Demographic Information

Station NameCityStateFormatStation Details
BDCG-FMRaleigh NCAlternative Rock
KABC-AMLos Angeles CATalkLearn More
KALZ-FMFresno CANews/TalkLearn More
KATM-FMModesto CACountryLearn More
KATT-FMOklahoma City OKAlb. Orient Rock/Classic RockLearn More
KBBY-FMOxnard-Ventura CAAdult Contmp.Learn More
KBEE-FMSalt Lake City-Ogden-Provo UTContmp. Hit Radio/Top 40Learn More
KBER-FMSalt Lake City-Ogden-Provo UTRockLearn More
KBZU-FMAlbuquerque NMCountry
KCFX-FMKansas City KS-MOAlb. Orient Rock/Classic RockLearn More
KCHZ-FMKansas City KS-MOContmp. Hit Radio/Top 40Learn More
KCJK-X105.1Kansas City KS-MORockLearn More
KCMO-AMKansas City KS-MOTalkLearn More
KCQQ-FMDavenport IAClassic HitsLearn More
KDRF-FMAlbuquerque NMAdult Contmp.Learn More
KENZ-FMSalt Lake City-Ogden-Provo UTUrbanLearn More
KESN-FMDallas-Ft Worth TXSportsLearn More
KESP-AMModesto CASportsLearn More
KEX-AMPortland ORFull ServiceLearn More
KEZA-FMFayetteville ARSoft ACLearn More
KFAB-AMOmaha NENews/TalkLearn More
KFSO-FMFresno CASpanish Adult HitsLearn More
KGO-AMSan Francisco CANewsLearn More
KHAY-FMOxnard-Ventura CACountryLearn More
KHKK-FMModesto CAAlb. Orient Rock/Classic RockLearn More
KHOP-FMModesto CAAdult Contmp.Learn More
KHTB-FMSalt Lake City-Ogden-Provo UTRockLearn More
KHVH-AMHonolulu HINews/TalkLearn More
KISC-FMSpokane WASoft ACLearn More
KJOY-FMStockton CAAdult Contmp.Learn More
KKAT-AMSalt Lake City-Ogden-Provo UTTalkLearn More
KKFG-FMFarmington NMOldiesLearn More
KKLI-FMColorado Springs COAdult ContemporaryLearn More
KKND-FMNew Orleans LAContmp. Hit Radio/Top 40Learn More
KKOB-AMAlbuquerque NMNewsLearn More
KKOB-FMAlbuquerque NMAdult Contmp.
KKTX-AMCorpus Christi TXNews/TalkLearn More
KKWD-FMOklahoma City OKContmp. Hit Radio/Top 40Learn More
KLIF-AMDalllas-Ft Worth TXNewsLearn More
KLIF-FMDallas-Ft Worth TXUrbanLearn More
KMEZ-FMNew Orleans LAUrbanLearn More
KMGA-FMAlbuquerque NMAdult Contmp.Learn More
KMJK-FMKansas City KS-MOUrbanLearn More
KNBR-AMSan Francisco CASportsLearn More
KNCN-FMCorpus Christi TXAlbum-Oriented RockLearn More
KNML-AMAlbuquerque NMSportsLearn More
KNST-AMTucson AZNews/TalkLearn More
KPLX-FMDallas-Ft Worth TXCountryLearn More
KPRC-FMMonterey CASpanish Adult Hits
KQOB-FMOklahoma City OKAlb. Orient Rock/Classic RockLearn More
KQRS-FMMinneapolis-St. Paul MNAlb. Orient Rock/Classic RockLearn More
KRBE-FMHouston-Galveston TXContmp Hit Radio/Top 40Learn More
KRST-FMAlbuquerque NMCountry
KRVE-FMBaton Rouge LAAdult ContemporaryLearn More
KSAB-FMCorpus Christi TXTejanoLearn More
KSAN-FMSan Francisco CARockLearn More
KSCS-FMDallas-Ft Worth TXCountryLearn More
KSFO-AMSan Francisco CATalkLearn More
KSTE-AMSacramento CATalkLearn More
KTBL-AMAlbuquerque NMTalkLearn More
KTCK-AMFMDallas-Ft Worth TXSportsLearn More
KTCT-AMSan Francisco CASportsLearn More
KTOK-AMOklahoma City OKNews/TalkLearn More
KTSM-AMEl Paso TXNews/TalkLearn More
KUBL-FMSalt Lake City-Ogden-Provo UTCountryLearn More
KVEN-AMOxnard-Ventura CASportsLearn More
KVYB-FMOxnard-Ventura CAUrbanLearn More
KWIN-FMStockton CAContmp. Hit Radio/Top40Learn More
KWNN-FMModesto CAContmp. Hit Radio/Top40Learn More
KWPN-AMOklahoma City OKSportsLearn More
KXXR-FMMinneapolis-St. Paul MNRockLearn More
KYIS-FMOklahoma City OKAdult Contmp.Learn More
NBQI-FMAlberquerque NMSports
OQXT-FMSan Antonio TXSpanish Contemporary
WABC-AMNew York NYNewsLearn More
WAOA-FMMelbourne-Titusville-Cocoa FLContmp. Hit Radio/Top 40Learn More
WARM-FMYork PAAdult Contmp.Learn More
WBAP-AMDallas-Ft Worth TXNewsLearn More
WBUV-FMBiloxi MSNews/TalkLearn More
WCKY-AMCincinnati OHSportsLearn More
WCTO-FMAllentown-BethlehemPACountryLearn More
WDRQ-FMDetroit MICountryLearn More
WDVD-FMDetroit MIAdult Contmp.Learn More
WERC-FMBirmingham ALNewsLearn More
WESE-FMTupelo MSUrban ContemporaryLearn More
WFMS-FMIndianapolis INCountryLearn More
WFNC-AMFayetteville NCNewsLearn More
WFTK-FMCincinnati OHRockLearn More
WGFX-FMNashville TNSportsLearn More
WGKX-FMMemphis TNCountryLearn More
WGRR-FMCincinnati OHOldiesLearn More
WGVX-FMMinneapolis-St. Paul MNUrbanLearn More
WGY-AMAlbany NYNews/TalkLearn More
WHKR-FMMelbourne-Titusville-Cocoa FLCountryLearn More
WHLH-FMJackson MSUrban InspirationalLearn More
WHLW-FMMontgomery ALUrban InspirationalLearn More
WHTS-FMGrand Rapids MIAdult Contmp.Learn More
WHYN-AMSpringfield MANews/TalkLearn More
WIBA-AMMadison WINews/TalkLearn More
WIOV-AMReading PASportsLearn More
WIOV-FMLancaster PACountryLearn More
WJBO-AMBaton Rouge LANewsLearn More
WJJK-FMIndianapolis INOldiesLearn More
WJOX-AMBirmingham ALSportsLearn More
WJOX-FMBirmingham ALSportsLearn More
WJR-AMDetroit MINewsLearn More
WJRW-AMGrand Rapids MINewsLearn More
WKDF-FMNashville TNCountryLearn More
WKHX-FMAtlanta GACountryLearn More
WKIM-FMMemphis TNContmp. Hit Radio/Top 40Learn More
WKQX-FMChicago ILRockLearn More
WKRC-AMCincinnati OHTalkLearn More
WKTA-AMAnn Arbor MISports
WLAP-AMLexington KYNews/TalkLearn More
WLAV-FMGrand Rapids MIAlb. Orient Rock/Classic RockLearn More
WLAW-FMMuskegon MICountryLearn More
WLBY-AMAnn Arbor MITalkLearn More
WLCS-FMMuskegon MIOldiesLearn More
WLEV-FMAllentown-BethlehemPAAdult Contmp.Learn More
WLS-AMChicago ILNewsLearn More
WLS-FMChicago ILOldiesLearn More
WLTI-AMIndianapolis INCountry
WLW-AMCincinnati OHNews/TalkLearn More
WMAL-AM/FMWashington DCNewsLearn More
WMAN-AMAshland OHNews/TalkLearn More
WMDH-FMIndianapolis INCourntyLearn More
WMGU-FMFayetteville NCUrbanLearn More
WMOS-FMNew London CTAlb. Orient Rock/Classic RockLearn More
WMSI-FMJackson MSCountryLearn More
WNBM-FMNew York NYUrbanLearn More
WNDX-FMIndianapolis INAORLearn More
WNNF-FMCincinnati OHCountryLearn More
WNNK-FMHarrisburg-Lebanon-Carlisle PAAdult Contmp.Learn More
WNNX-FMAtlanta GARockLearn More
WNTR-FMIndianapolis INRockLearn More
WOC-AMDavenport IANews/TalkLearn More
WOFX-FMCincinnati OHAlb. Orient Rock/Classic RockLearn More
WORC-FMWorcester MACountryLearn More
WQGN-FMNew London CTContmp. Hit Radio/Top 40Learn More
WQHQ-FMSalisbury MDAdult ContemporaryLearn More
WQKL-FMAnn Arbor MIAdult Contmp.Learn More
WQQK-FMNashville TNUrbanLearn More
WQSM-FMFayetteville NCMiscellaneousLearn More
WQXA-FMHarrisburg-Lebanon-Carlisle PARockLearn More
WRBO-FMMemphis TNUrbanLearn More
WRCQ-FMFayetteville NCRockLearn More
WRKN-FMNew Orleans LACountryLearn More
WRNO-FMNew Orleans LANews/TalkLearn More
WRRM-FMCincinnati OHAdult Contmp.Learn More
WSBA-AMYork PANewsLearn More
WSM-FMNashville TNCountryLearn More
WSOX-FMYork PAOldiesLearn More
WSTZ-FMJackson MSClassic RockLearn More
WTKS-AMSavannah GATalkLearn More
WTNR-FMGrand Rapids MICountryLearn More
WUHT-FMBirmingham ALUrbanLearn More
WVIB-FMMuskegon MIUrbanLearn More
WWFX-FMWorcester MAOldiesLearn More
WWKI-FMIndianapolis INCourntryLearn More
WWKL-FMHarrisburg-Lebanon-Carlisle PAContmp. Hit Radio/Top 40Learn More
WWLS-FMOklahoma City OKSportsLearn More
WWSN-FMMuskegon MIAdult Contmp.Learn More
WWTN-FMNashville TNTalkLearn More
WWWQ-FMAtlanta GAContmp. Hit Radio/Top 40Learn More
WWWW-FMAnn Arbor MICountryLearn More
WXLM-AMNew London CTNewsLearn More
WXLO-FMWorcester MAAdult Contmp.Learn More
WXMX-FMMemphis TNAlb. Orient Rock/Classic RockLearn More
WXNT-AMIndianapolis INSportsLearn More
WXTK-FMCape Cod MANews/TalkLearn More
WZCY-FMHarrisburg-Lebanon-Carlisle PACourntryLearn More
WZPL-FMIndianapolis INClassic HitsLearn More
WZRH-FMNew Orleans LARockLearn More
WZRR-FMBirmingham ALTalkLearn More
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  • Local Formats: Target your markets and customers anywhere.
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  • Host Endorsement: The Original Influencer Marketing. Get local and national hosts to put their influence behind your brand. Instant Trust and Credibility.
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