DX Media Direct helps clients learn how to reach audiences. Direct marketing, or selling products or services directly to one’s audience, requires an understanding of creative that converts, campaign optimization and effectively measuring results. One of our primary objectives is ensuring that clients recognize the hallmarks of direct response advertising. To that end, these articles, tip sheets and ebooks may be freely downloaded—no strings attached.

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Measuring, Managing and Maximizing Your Advertising Performance

There is a saying in advertising that “You cannot manage what you cannot measure.”

Which is absolutely true. The power of refining your advertising campaign’s performance relies on your ability to find underperforming media outlets and renegotiate, refine or remove them. They key is making sure that you are measuring what matters, managing what you can change and maximizing the performance of each campaign, so you can fix broken elements sooner than later.
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How to Develop Creative Advertising that Motivates Customers to Try, Buy

How many logos, ads and marketing messages do you see each day? According to the American Marketing Association and the IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, it’s 10,000 brand messages day. That seems impossible. However, next time you step foot in a convenience store or grocery store, think about how many logos and package designs you see luring you to buy. With multi-tasking on multiple screens the number is growing every year. Creative advertising that compels your audience isn’t an option if you want to rise above the noise.
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