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WDRQ Radio Advertising

Serving the Detroit metropolitan area, WDRQ is a commercial FM radio station licensed to Detroit, Michigan. Owned by Cumulus Media, the station broadcasts a country music format. 

DX Media Direct is the easiest way to get WDRQ advertising rates and availability.

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“WGY Radio Advertising”

Serving the Capital District including the Albany-Schenectady-Troy radio market, WGY is a commercial AM radio station licensed to Schenectady, New York. WGY airs a News/Talk radio format, and is owned by iHeartMedia.

DX Media Direct is the easiest way to get WGY advertising rates and availability.

Radio Advertising Rates. Now.

We help reach your audience... for less!


With our pre-negotiated rates and volume discounts you save 35% -90% off what local advertisers pay.


Radio reaches 92% of adults 18 + every week. (Nielsen Total Audience)


Radio is America’s #1 Reach Medium. It’s targetable, flexible and efficient.

Format: Country
Gender: Men 46.5% | Women: 53.5%
Median Income: $67,451.00
College Graduate or More: 7.4%

WDRQ Radio Advertising

Full demographic information available in our datasheet, which is available upon request, includes:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Education
  • Radio Consumption
  • Purchase Likeliness

Sample DX Media Radio Rates:

  • 1 million weekly listeners: 140 Country Music Stations – $250 per spot ($1.78 per local spot).
  • 200 National News stations: $450 per spot ($2.25 per local spot).
  • Host Endorsement 118 stations: $400 per spot ($3.39 per local spot). Listen to host endorsement samples.
  • Top 10 Major Market talk station: Over 1.5 million weekly audience impressions – $3,500 a week.
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Radio: The “Take With You” Medium

It’s Targetable – Flexible – Efficient.
Respond quickly to market conditions.
Influence ultra-busy consumers.

  • Local Formats: Target your markets and customers anywhere.
  • Network Radio: Hundreds of stations for the cost of a few.
  • Host Endorsement: The Original Influencer Marketing. Get local and national hosts to put their influence behind your brand. Instant Trust and Credibility.
  • FREE Radio Production: DX Media Direct will write, produce, hire talent, get studio time that includes one voice talent at no charge.


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