One of the most important elements of marketing and advertising is understanding your audience. For millennials, there are three key factors to consider when marketing a product or writing creative.

1. Millennials have short attention spans.

Microsoft conducted a study in 2015 that revealed millennials have an attention span of 8 seconds. That falls short of 2000’s results of 12 seconds and 1 second shorter than a goldfish. This means your window is very small. But if you can manage to hook their attention, you’re halfway there.

2. Younger audiences don’t like to be interrupted.

Who does? This goes for most anyone, but Business Insider reported in a survey that 51 percent of millennials found YouTube advertisements to be the more annoying out of other groups such as Facebook (37%). The last thing people want to see when they expect entertainment is an interruption. Be sure your attempt to catch someone with your advertisement is not going to obstruct and turn them off to the idea of your product.

3. Impulsive spending is extremely common.

There is a consistent pattern with the spending habits of millennials that is vastly different from Baby Boomers. Owning and saving are out, millennials like to rent and spend. If you can advertise something that is low cost and interesting to spike an impulsive purchase you may have a higher chance for a response from the younger audience.

Millennials are the future. Learning these things and more about Millennials will be extremely beneficial to your overall marketing plan when you have a product or service that targets this growing population.