Four Secrets to Making Your Advertising Work

Four Secrets to Making Your Advertising Work

Four secrets to making your advertising work like never before.

Secret #1: Know your goal. Most advertising campaigns fail because there was no real goal for performance. There is “I sure hope this works.” But what does “work” really mean? Don’t be scared to put specifics on what you want your advertising to accomplish. It could be a certain number of visitors to your website, likes on Facebook, leads in the door, sales, phone calls or anything you can quantify.

Secret #2: Place a measurement tool on your advertising to measure your performance against a pre-set goal. This could be a specific URL, dedicated 800#, or special offer code.

Secret #3: Craft your message to deliver a response. Make sure your message is customer-focused, benefit-driven, and not focused just on your company. Your advertising should always give valid reasons for the customer to want to buy. Then create a sense of urgency for them to respond quickly, and tell them how you would like them to respond. Call now, log on to, visit us at, redeem with special offer code…

Secret #4: Don’t pay too much for your advertising. Media is negotiable. It’s a commodity. You usually can get much more for your money if you negotiate well. If you need someone to help accomplish this, DX Media Direct would be honored to visit with you.

Written by: Buddy Vaughn