If you want to know the formula for successful Direct Response creative, here you go.

  • Identify the problem: “Do you want to get high school skinny?” “Are creditors hounding you for collection?” “Do you need a second income?” Help the target customer know exactly who you are speaking to, and get their attention by grabbing them where they want a change, improvement or need a solution.
  • Communicate and demonstrate the solution: “Now you can get high school skinny in 12 days.” “We help stop the creditors from calling.” “You will make more money than you imagined.” The next step is to show and tell what your product or service has to offer in simple, direct terminology.
  • Establish credibility: People are smart. And they’ve been burned. So you need to be able to back up your claims. Legitimate testimonials work well. Any accreditations from third-party sources that support the benefits you are offering helps. Let the audience know they can trust you.
  • Limit their risk: “Call now for a Free trial.” “You get a 100% money back guarantee plus we cover shipping.” The more you limit the consumers risk the more likely they are to try you out.
  • Create a sense of urgency: You have to give your audience a reason to call or act now. That looks like… “Call or click to take advantage of our 48-hour 50% off promotion.” “This is a limited time offer.” “Supplies are limited so act now.” There are reasons you hear these familiar lines in almost every direct response offer: They get the consumer to respond.
  • Give a clear call to action: Tell the consumer exactly how you want them to respond and make it easy. Show your phone number and give the website address often or keep it up during the entire length of your TV spot.

Use this formula and your spot will be successful more often. If you need help crafting your next spot and campaign, we would be honored to help.

Written by: Buddy Vaughn