If you want to increase your conversion rates on your web-site then compare your performance to the industry standards. Review the competition. See how you stack up. Visit the top-performing sites and analyze what you could change to perform more like the better performing sites on the web. Here are some categories to compare. From Google’s Top 5 industries (Google Search or Pay Per Click.)

  1. Finance: Top 5 advertisers = State Farm, Geico, Quicken Loan, Capital One & Bank of America. Avg. cost per click = $3.09. Avg. Conversion Rate for this category = 6.12%
  2. Travel: Top 5 advertisers = Expedia, Hotels.com, Booking.com, Priceline.com & Kayak.com. Avg. cost per click = $.029. Avg. Conversion Rate = 1.45%
  3. Shopping: Top 5 advertisers = Amazon.com, ebay, JCP, Walmart, Sears. Avg. cost per click= $.025. Avg. Conversion rate = 3.58%
  4. Jobs & Education: Top 5 advertisers = Univ. of Phoenix, Monster.com, ITT, DeVry, Kaplan University. Avg. cost per click = $1.80. Avg. Conversion rate = 6.09%

So how do you compare? What is your bounce rate? How does your conversion rates look? If you need help increasing the number of visitors to your site or improving your metrics, we would be glad to help.

Written by: Buddy Vaughn