We get asked all the time to quote rates for television advertising. It’s a challenge because advertising rates are effected by so many variables. Do you want local or national ads? What time of day do you want to be on? What type of programming do you want your spots featured on? And what time of year do you want to advertise?

Television advertising is a commodity. Supply and demand drive rates week to week. But since you asked, let me give you some ranges.

Local cable spots can run anywhere from $2.00 per ad to $250 a spot.
National cable can run anywhere from $250 a spot to $100,000 a spot.
Network television advertising tends to be the most expensive, ranging from $15,000 a spot to $300,000 a spot.
Of course you have the Super Bowl, which goes for $5 million per :30 second spot.

But before you think you can’t afford it, contact a Direct Response advertising agency. They have ways to save you 90% or more on traditional rates. That’s what we do for our clients. They are pleasantly surprised how inexpensive Television Advertising can be.