TV advertisements not working? Here are three simple ways to improve the overall response from your TV campaigns.

1.) Put the call to action up during the entire length of the ad. If it’s “Call now for a free quote” or “Visit our website,” give the viewer the most opportunity to respond to your spots.

2.) Make sure your advertising is benefit-driven and not feature focused. People need to know what’s in it for them right away. If you focus on being the #1 furniture store or car dealer, that does nothing to make the viewer want to respond. However, if you say “We guarantee upfront pricing. Save time. Save money. And rest assured you are getting the best price,” then that speaks to one of the benefits the customer may be looking for.

3.) Don’t pay too much for the spots. Advertising time is a commodity. It’s supply and demand. Many times all you need to do is turn down the first offer from the station. And rates will come down. You can also hire a professional agency that knows the rates that will perform. The can protect you from paying too much.

Buddy Vaughn
Managing Parter
DX Media Direct