Why It Works

Advertising That Works Like Never Before

“We’ve tried other agencies in the past, and no one has delivered results like DX Media Direct.”
Ted Downing Director of Marketing Vista College


You save 75% to 90% on prime advertising positions.  No more expensive guesses and frustrating shots in the dark. We know how to focus on key areas and generate the response you need, maximizing the value of your advertising dollar.

Save Time and MoneyOver 25 years of experience helps you Save Time and Money. Get a team of experienced creative development and media buyers to do the hard work for you. You could spend hundreds of hours and a hundred thousand dollars trying to determine the optimal mix of television, radio, newspaper and websites for your product. You don’t have to. We’ve executed thousands of campaigns and can put our marketing experience to work for you.

Relationships that Get the Job DoneRelationships that Get the Job Done. With advertising, it’s easy to get burned- and hard to find people you can trust to get the job done right. We’ve spent more than twelve years building our media contact network. DX Media Direct brings more than just experience- you get the benefit of established relationships with key players as well.

Don’t take our word for it.

Clients of DX Media Direct