How to Make the Most of Every Campaign

4 Secrets to creating a sales generating Advertising campaign

Written by Buddy Vaughn
Managing Partner of DX Media Direct

Secret #1: Place your ads before the right audience.
Know your target customer and speak their language.
What is important to your prospective customers.
Who are they? How old are they? What makes them comfortable? How do they
like to shop for what you are selling?
Don’t waste your ad dollars talking to people who would not be interested in
your product or service. Know your audience and have it match well with the
audience of the medium you are buying. Don’t try to sell wrinkle cream on
ESPN. And don’t try to sell Old Spice Deoderant on SoapNet.
The answers to these questions will guide you to the right media mix for
maximum results.

Secret #2: The Right Message
Create ads that connect with your target prospects.
Move from feature focused ads to benefit focused ads.
Instead of saying the you focused “We are number #1 at customer service” you should instead say the customer focused “Your convenience is our top priority. Get guaranteed 1hour delivery. Save precious time with us.”
You also need to give a call to action in every one of your advertising campaigns.

Tell your prospects exactly how you would like them to respond. And give them a good reason to do so. “Go to our web-site and enter the promo code Cat to save 20% off of your first cat food order. Call this toll-free number now for more information. Visit our store Sat. at 9am for the best deals.”

Secret #3: Know the frequency you need for success.
Each medium you use has a different strategy for success.
Television takes less frequency or number of ads to get results because it combines visual and audio to send your message.
Radio takes more frequency per week to connect with your audience to get them to respond. Buy too few spots and no one will respond. As a rule you need to understand the “Turn-Over Ratio” or number of time the media outlet you are buying gets a fresh audience. Then you need to purchase the minimum number of spots to match that ratio.
Internet gives powerful visual and immediate response. You can know very quickly which ads and messaging is working. Use Google analytics to get powerful real time data as to what is happening with your site. It’s free and fantastic. Quantcast is another effective tool for tracking the demographics of who is visiting your site.
It is critical to understand the strengths and weakness of each medium so you can get good response from your campaigns.

Secret #4: Don’t pay too much.
Most media companies have professionally trained their sales team to separate advertisers from their dollar at the highest rate possible.
Use a professional media buyer and or agency that understands the art of getting the most advertising for the least amount of money and can also
negotiate added benefits like cross platform marketing, host endorsements and promotions to get additional value for your campaign.
TV stations and radio stations and Internet sites are willing to negotiate.
Don’t pay sticker price. It will hurt your overall results.

4 Secrets to Creating a Sales Generated Advertising Campaign

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