Increase your response rates…without spending

Written by Buddy Vaughn
Managing Partner of DX Media Direct

Secret #1: Negotiate for twice the ad time or space for the same investment.

  • Analyze your current media outlets. Ask for bids from competitive outlets to deliver more spots for the same investment. When the media competes for your business you win. You will get more than you imagined.
  • If you are not happy with results ask for bonus ads, space or promotions to boost response. Many times advertisers don’t get because they never ask.
  • Let a professional do the negotiating for you. Many times they know inside competitive data that you don’t.

Secret #2: Set a Response Goal and work with the media to hit it.

  • When you measure success by number of responses vs. number of spots you will automatically get 2 to 3 times more inventory than the advertiser just buying spots or ads.

Secret #3: Stop using 888, 866 and 877. Only use 800#’s for your advertising.

  • Research shows that 800#’s with repeating numbers help increase response rates 35% to 50%. Here is proof?
  • “Just last week 2,652 people accidentally dialed the number 1-800-XXX-CELL instead of 1-877-XXX-CELL in an attempt to reach a low cost cellular service provider. And that was just in one week! Imagine how many lost opportunities that represents over the course of a campaign and/or business’ life — literally tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of missed sales!” Scott Richard CEO Dial800
  • Many people confuse “toll-free” with 800 and will even put 800 in front of the 866 or 877 number.
  • Save money and cut down on confusion by only placing 800#’s on your advertising campaigns.
  • DX Media Direct Source has hundreds of 800#’s to help with that.

Three Secrets to Double or Triple Your Advertising Response Rates… Without Spending a Penny More In Budget.

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