Digital Marketing

When Ad Spend Drives Visitors to Your Website, Are You Ready?

No matter the media—radio or TV, Facebook videos or YouTube ads—today’s consumer expects to find you online. Research, reviews and other online marketing activities help your audience gain trust and a comfort level necessary to part with hard-earned dollars.

DX Media Direct’s digital marketing services help clients ensure that radio and TV placements are tied into online marketing efforts—making the most of every view, every call and every click.

We’re ready to help you develop digital marketing strategies that:

  • Drive traffic to your website with SEO and Pay Per Click advertising
  • Reach targeted audiences through Facebook and YouTube ads
  • Determine how traffic lands at your website—measure, track, refine
  • Capture lead information from visitors and send it to your CRM
  • Nurture the prospect relationship through email marketing
  • Use inbound marketing to move prospects through your funnel
  • Guide technology decisions—CRM and Marketing Automation

An integrated, strategic approach to digital marketing…

DX Media Direct can help you reach or discover your audience through an integrated, strategic approach to digital marketing.

Your audience and goals are unique. And whether you’re ready to take the next step with your marketing program or starting from scratch, we’ll take the time to understand your business needs and objectives. DX Media Direct partners with you to reach audiences—right message, right media, right time—using strategies and technologies that make the most sense for your business.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We start by understanding your business, your vision and your objectives. Your goals and KPIs are the destination; DX Media Direct provides the map.

Business Analytics & Intel

Second only to strategy: Measuring the impact of each digital marketing campaign, web page, click through and call. We’re “numbers people.”

Google, Facebook and YouTube

The power of Pay Per Click campaigns—not to mention the targeting of Facebook and YouTube—makes PPC a force to be reckoned with. Let the reckoning begin!

Search Engine Optimization

Capture organic search traffic with a well-structured website, well-intentioned pages and a healthy dose of keyword research. Sound SEO practices still pay off.

Content Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing helps prospects find you online with valuable content. It takes strategy, informative content, nurturing capabilities and resources. We can help.

Testing & Optimization

We won’t recommend it if we can’t measure it. Period. We’ll use A/B testing and conversion rate optimization tactics to monitor, refine and convert.

Time for a Reality Check

How healthy is your site’s SEO? Take a moment to claim your free, no-obligation assessment of your website’s SEO.

DX Media Direct, a Dallas online marketing agency, can help you capture the attention of your audience wherever they are in the marketing funnel.


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