Television Viewing Habits and Social Media Connection During the Summer

Television Viewing Habits and Social Media Connection During the Summer

The heat is on. As summer rears its head with scorching temperatures across the U.S., a few interesting trends are developing.

According to Business Insider, metropolitan cities in the south as well as the Pacific Coast are seeing population influxes despite the less-than-friendly temperature spikes in these areas during the summer months. Keep these geographical trends in mind when booking, buying and selling media through the third and fourth quarters of sales this year.

Perhaps the hot weather is not as much of a factor when many Americans are inside enjoying central air-conditioning and their favorite shows on television. But advertisers beware: a recent report shows that despite the variety of television stations and shows people watch on a daily basis, when it comes to commercial breaks, viewers check-out of the advertisements and check-in to social media platforms.

To capitalize on viewership during commercial breaks, advertisers are tapping into social media platforms to ensure reaching the maximum amount of viewers. Using social media for advertising purposes has the potential of reaching a more diverse audience as well as allowing for a more interactive experience between brands and consumers.

Chloe Daws
Media Buyer
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Three Best Types of Video to Build Your Brand Online

Three Best Types of Video to Build Your Brand Online

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed’s Chief Revenue Officer, Lee Brown AdWeek asked “What types of videos work best for branded content?” His answers are both insightful and actionable. Why should we listen to Buzzfeed? Because they generated over $100 million dollars last year in revenue. So here goes. Here is what he says works.

1.) Identity. The video connects with the viewer and says “This is so me.” Have you ever seen a post that you identified with? Then that’s a video built to connect with you because it makes you feel like someone understands.

2.) The Emotional Gift.  This is a video Lee Brown says makes you laugh out loud and want to share with your friends and family.

3.) Informational. These are research-driven or how-to videos that give the user information they can use. These videos get attention. They can also help you build your brand by helping your target customers learn something that makes their life better.

There you have it. Thinking about producing a video for online attention? Craft it to meet one of these categories and it should deliver.

The 5 Worst Performing Words to Use in Your Email Marketing

The 5 Worst Performing Words to Use in Your Email Marketing

Which words will decrease your open rates in your email marketing? Alchemy Worx used the Touchstone platform to analyze 21 billion emails from 2,500 brands. The words that had the most negative impact were as follows:

1.) Miss

2.) Deals!

3.) Groovy

4.) Conditions

5.) Friday

Author Ayaz Nanji reported this in Marketing Profs Newsletter.

Stay away. Stay far, far away from these words to improve your email marketing performance.

Buddy Vaughn

How to Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

How to Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

If you want to increase your conversion rates on your web-site then compare your performance to the industry standards. Review the competition. See how you stack up. Visit the top-performing sites and analyze what you could change to perform more like the better performing sites on the web. Here are some categories to compare. From Google’s Top 5 industries (Google Search or Pay Per Click.)

  1. Finance: Top 5 advertisers = State Farm, Geico, Quicken Loan, Capital One & Bank of America. Avg. cost per click = $3.09. Avg. Conversion Rate for this category = 6.12%
  2. Travel: Top 5 advertisers = Expedia,,, & Avg. cost per click = $.029. Avg. Conversion Rate = 1.45%
  3. Shopping: Top 5 advertisers =, ebay, JCP, Walmart, Sears. Avg. cost per click= $.025. Avg. Conversion rate = 3.58%
  4. Jobs & Education: Top 5 advertisers = Univ. of Phoenix,, ITT, DeVry, Kaplan University. Avg. cost per click = $1.80. Avg. Conversion rate = 6.09%

So how do you compare? What is your bounce rate? How does your conversion rates look? If you need help increasing the number of visitors to your site or improving your metrics, we would be glad to help.

Written by: Buddy Vaughn